Company Profile

PT Nanotech Indonesia Global (NANO) is a tech company that has a core business in the form of research and development-based technology and technology -based technology service (R&D), materials engineering, and nanotechnology.

PT Nanotech Indonesia Global (NANO) is present to answer the problems, needs, and challenges of academics, investors, industry, business, and government that can only be engineered with science and technology.


Starting from a nanotechnology research group that was founded in 2005, Prof. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman together with his team collaborated with scientists and visionaries young people to build a nanotechnology ecosystem in Indonesia. Various research activities and the development of new nanotechnology – based products are carried out actively for years, assisted by hundreds of the best Indonesian scientists. The new innovations and new breakthroughs are the starting point for Prof. Nurul and team to establish PT Nanotech Indonesia Global in 2019.

PT Nanotech Indonesia Global (NANO) has 5 main business lines which are engaged in materials, health, aquaculture, inspection, property, and education. PT Nanotech Indonesia Global (NANO) has a mission to become a pioneer in completing various problems in industry and MSMEs in Indonesia with an approach of applied science and technology.

prof nurul

Become a leading company innovative technology provider that supports the realization of a global competitive industry for the realization of a quality and sustainable life.

gedung nanoplex

1. Provide the latest and leading research and development (R&D) support facilities, and integrate the use of access to R&D facilities in Indonesia.

2. Providing technology-based technology and nanotechnology based technology services and applicative 

3. Providing high value and innovative product development services.

4. Providing capacity building and quality of IPTEK HR quality