layanan riset
Research and Development Services (R&D)

Research and Development Services (R&D) This service includes consultation related to product development that can be in the form of new product development or improvement of existing products. In this service, we also provide analytical services and product characterization to help our clients accelerate their production and commercialization phase.

Layanan Teknologi Rekayasa Material
Engineering Services

Engineering Services: We provide recommendations of solutions through the technical inspection process and in-depth analysis for any industrial problems. The industries we have served include Power Plants, Chemical, Oil & Gas, and others. Our services include NDT, RLA, FA, Energy Audit, Creep, and other audit services.

Layanan Pengembangan Kapasitas
Supplier Services Equipment and Materials Nano (Nanotechnology Materials and Machine Suppliers)

Supplier Services Equipment and Materials Nano (Nanotechnology Materials and Machine Suppliers): Clients not only get consulting services, recommendations, but we are also able to provide nanomaterials as needed (nano minerals, nano pharmaceuticals, nano herbals, and others). In addition, we also provide synthesis or nanoparticles production using our very own production technology (patented)

Layanan Produk Bernilai Dan Inovatif
Human Resource capacity building

Human Resource capacity building: We provide technical and non-technical training in increasing HR capacity from various levels and various industrial sectors. Not only in the industry, PT NIG also offer research tutoring services to K12 students to prepare Indonesia’s future scientists