Nanoverify dan NIG-02

Kuala Lumpur (6/6/2023) – NanoMalaysia Berhad (NMB) are pleased to announce the collaboration between their wholly owned subsidiary, NanoVerify Sdn Bhd (NVSB), and PT Nanotech Indonesia Global (NIG), attended by Prof. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, Ph.D. as president commisioner and Suryandaru as president director, through the signing of a strategic agreement aimed at shaping the regional nanotechnology business, whilst at the same time establishing a regional “Gold Standard” in nanotechnology certification. The signing ceremony, held today in Kuala Lumpur, marks a significant milestone in the commercialization of nanotechnology in Malaysia and Indonesia

NVSB will spearhead the regional commercialization of nanotechnology through its existing NANOVerify Certification Programme, paving the way in setting a regional “Gold Standard” in ASEAN nano product certifications. This signing ceremony marks a major milestone in NVSB’s efforts to become a reference body for nanotechnology certification and consultation in Asia by 2025.

The partnership between NVSB and NIG holds tremendous potential in shaping the nanotechnology business in the region. By sharing nanotechnology infrastructure and expertise in product certification, the collaboration seeks to explore and harness the regional potential of nanotechnology products. This initiative aligns with the Malaysia MADANI framework, fostering trust, prosperity, and technological advancement to drive the socioeconomic growth of communities in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Prof Emeritus Dato’ Ir. Dr Mohamad Zawawi bin Ismail, Chairman of NanoMalaysia Berhad, reiterated that the collaboration between NMB Group and PT NIG is of great importance to both countries, and has the potential to shape the regional nanotechnology business. “The collaboration between NMB Group and NIG shall be the impetus for the exponential growth of nanotechnology in the ASEAN region, and we will strive to ensure that both companies and countries shall benefit from this collaboration.”

He went on to add that NVSB, chosen to lead this significant milestone in the region’s nanotechnology industry, has been working for years to establish strategic partnerships in the ASEAN region to establish a collaboration to uplift the NANOVerify Programme as the de facto ASEAN nanotechnology certification scheme. This is to further complement the initiatives in the National Nanotechnology Policy and Strategy (NNPS) 2021-2030 under the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), hence enabling Malaysia to take part in the growth of the regional nanotechnology market and to further strengthen it with the requisite certifications.

Nanotechnology has permeated into various aspects of everyday life, with a wide range of nanotechnology products found in sectors such as cosmeceuticals, fertilizers, lubricants, and more. To date, the NANOVerify programme has experienced significant growth since its inception in August 2015, currently encompassing 221 certifications. These certifications have been granted to various product sectors, including cosmeceuticals, coatings, fertilizers, lubricants, and filters.

Having already covered 20% of the domestic nanotechnology market in Malaysia, certified products have enabled companies to generate up to 40% additional revenue. Building upon this successful track record, the NMB group aspires to replicate these achievements in the ASEAN market, with Indonesia as a strong market moving forward. The offered certification program is poised to facilitate the penetration of 2,800 Indonesian nanotechnology products into the ASEAN market, thereby solidifying nanotechnology as a major economic driver for Indonesia.

The collaboration between NVSB and NIG sets the stage for exponential growth in the ASEAN nanotechnology industry. By establishing a regional “Gold Standard” in product certification, this partnership will not only promote trade but also foster trust and confidence in nanotechnology. It is a crucial step towards unlocking the immense potential of the ASEAN nanotechnology industry for the benefit of both companies and countries involved.

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